Heisa + Yoo Doo Right (CA) + Naked Passion

Honest House presents an indie rock evening with:
Heisa + Yoo Doo Right (CA) + Naked Passion

In the best tradition of unconventional bands ranging from Battles to Black Midi, the trio play around with rhythms, atmospheres and keyboards, while choosing their moments to break the painstakingly constructed tension with punishing guitars and waves of distortion. The vocals do not monopolise the listener’s attention but instead complement the other instruments. The result is an entirely unique sound.
In April of this year HEISA will unleash their new ‘Outliar EP’, showing a different side of the band.

Inspired by the pounding rhythmic improvisations found in krautrock, experimental trio YDR wed noisy, melodic guitar parts, effect-heavy synthesizer soundscapes, nonchalant bass grooves and patented percussive furies into a literal wall of sound. Solemn, chin-to-chest vocals dance in and out of the primordial sonic spectrum, creating a warm pillow to rest a weary head upon.

Raw, heavy and theatrical at times, Naked Passion embarks the listener on a singular cinematic journey through a subtle mix of thick guitar sounds and dreamy atmospheres. Naked Passion emerged from the alternative scene of Liège (Belgium) in 2018. They just released their sophomore EP 'The Picturesque Initiative' on 24th September 2021 on the alternative label JauneOrange.

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13 rue roture

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